Matched Betting Calculator

What is this matched betting calculator for?

This calculator takes the grunt work out of calculating your lay stakes when placing lay bets at the betting exchange, like Smarkets.

It will get you as close to breakeven as possible on your qualifying bets. It also maximises profit when placing your free bets.

How each mode works

In simple mode it shows:

  • How much you need in your exchange account (liquidity) should your back bet win.
  • How much money will end up in your bookmaker and exchange accounts for each outcome.
  • How much potential profit you’ll get from free bets.
  • How different odds and stakes can impact your overall profit/loss.

In advanced mode:

  • How you can underlay or overlay – balancing your profit in favour of a particular outcome using the sliding scale.

With part lays shown:

  • How to handle part lays – where you have already placed one or more lay bets but you need to lay more to get to an even profit between outcomes.